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Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

May 22, 2019​

Weather Facts:

1. If you're not bored enough, read a weather report.

2. Weather forecasters take the blame for bad weather. 

3. Cloudy skies cause your body to overproduce melatonin and they cause your brain to underproduce seratonin. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter that is linked to happiness.

4. Trout like cloudy days.

Montana's unemployment rate hovers around 3.6%.  Weather forecasters enjoy job security despite their fishing illness and repetitive absenteeism from work.  Montana's weather people don't live here for their exorbitant wages.  

When's the last time you saw a weather forecaster on the river?  At least a couple of months.  Maybe not.  Look harder - they're out there daily with their disguises on.  How can you distinguish them from the rest of us wearing Polar Buffs, stocking caps over long-billed fishing hats and amber-colored lenses?  They can't resist the river's calling.

Missouri River Anglers smile heavily despite the never-ending cloudiness.  

Two reasons: Blue Winged Olives and March Browns 

One more reason: Dry fly fishing.

Anglers hope the forecasters stay on the river. Most likely, they'll be out there for another week.

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