Mighty Mo Massage

Mighty Mo Massage takes its inspiration from the powerful, majestic waters of the Missouri River, aka the "Mighty Mo". Sadie and Amber Taylor provide highly skilled, intuitive massage therapy intended to support your wellness in Craig, Montana or at your Vacation Home.  From deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques to gentle stretching and breathing, expect your experience to be catered to your body's needs.  Visit our web site to see all that we do.

About Us:

Amber Taylor, LMT
​Amber has been practicing massage since 2007 and loving every minute of it. She trained at Cortiva Institue Seattle and enjoyed working with chiropractors and in spas and eventually managed her own thriving practice before moving back home to Montana. She is well versed in therapeutic relaxation massage, treatment massage, deep tissue, and cupping therapy with additional training in trigger point release, pregnancy massage, myofascial release, Reiki and reflexology. 

Amber has a long standing respect and awe for the healing power of the body and the transformation that she has personally witnessed over the years when people become more comfortable in and with their bodies.  She finds great joy in sharing these moments with people and providing a safe and comfortable space to relax and heal.   She approaches healing with each individual’s needs and preferences in mind.  She is equally at home addressing specific injuries, chronic pain, or whole body wellness.  She draws on her physical strength, training, varied techniques, compassion, and intuition to give you a truly unique healing experience .

Amber enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, various artistic pastimes, her insanely cute fur babies, exotic foods and locations, spending time with loved ones, and the vision of a brilliant full moon over the Mighty Mo. She is thrilled to be part of this beautiful community and champion of your well being.

Sadie Taylor, LMT
​Sadie has been practicing massage therapy since 2006. She trained at the Providence Institute in Tucson, AZ, where she cultivated a busy massage practice for 6 years before returning to her home in Montana. She is passionate about healthy living, and strives to approach each client as an individual, whole being to facilitate their personal wellness. She believes that when we are happier in our bodies, we are happier in our lives and kinder to others as a result.

Her extensive experience treating injuries and chronic pain has helped thousands of bodies in need.  She also understands the athletic body, having worked with the University of Arizona men’s and women’s swim team for four years, as well as numerous "age-grouper" athletes throughout her career.  

Sadie’s massage naturally tends to be deep and nourishing, using flushing and kneading strokes along with gentle stretching to achieve the release you need.  She also tunes into the deeper, intuitive nature of your story and your body to support your journey to wellness.  Her intention in each session is to approach her client's individual, complex needs using the array of tools she's acquired over the years.

Sadie enjoys being barefoot outside, getting dirty in the garden, dancing, laughing, practicing yoga, reading the Sufi mystics, and spending time with her family. She is madly in love with massage, always intending to go above and beyond in service to her clients and community.


"Two of the best massage therapists I've ever had! (And I've had a lot!) You can feel the stress and knots leaving your body while you are on the table. Love these ladies!" - Toni Olds

"A fabulous therapeutic massage. Therapist has diagnostic hands. It is a healthy experience you should put on your calendar. Great for aging athletes like me, and high school kids who need to have attention paid to their physically active bodies." - Debra Clark Dorrance


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