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Ross Evolution R Fly Reel


Ross Evolution R Fly Reel



The Evolution R is the culmination of our engineers’ and machinists’ artistic and technical prowess. It features a fully sealed carbon fiber drag with an industry-best power-to-weight ratio. Encased in a super lightweight frame, all models are less than 4.5oz. The innovative shape of the ultra-large arbor spool is engineered to force the even winding of the line across the face of the spool as it is retrieved - something never before seen in a fly reel.


Ultralight Weight

  • All models less than 4.5 oz  and fully machined from 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy

Sealed Drag

  • Industry leading power-to-weight ratio in a fully sealed system | Proprietary carbon fiber and stainless steel disc stack

Stainless Steel Internals

  • All internal components are machined stainless steel

Custom Handle Material

  • Fully machined canvas phenolic rod, resting on a 7075-T6 chromated aluminum post yields reduced weight and increased grip when wet


  • Type II anodized for the perfect balance of hardness and color 

Connection and Conversion

  • Quick release spool and easy left-hand to right-hand retrieve conversion

Fly Line Coverage

  • 3wt. - 8wt.

Fishing Application

  • Designed for use in all freshwater, warmwater, and saltwater fishing environments