The Trout Shop Lodge

The Trout Shop Lodge

Peter Schuttler Covered Wagon In 1898 when pioneers living in the Missouri River Canyon broke ground on Lot 1, Block 1, in Craig, Montana, they heard the Great Northern Railway approaching.  The property's owners wisely built Craig Mercantile and seized upon the opportunity that train traffic delivers.  The United States Government picked Craig's central location to build a train depot and to meet their strategic goals.  Both the government and the community gained by connecting the urban centers of Great Falls and Helena, MT.

Locomotives regularly parked in front of Craig Mercantile to take on water from the Missouri River for their steam engines.  Workers offloaded cargo for the sales floor including Peter Schuttler Wagons, lumber, hardware and household goods. Ranchers filled the train's cars with livestock destined for the dinner table.  The United States Post Office operated out of the same historic building. Wells Fargo's stagecoaches quit trotting across the land.  Craig Mercantile became a regional distribution center.  Craig, MT, established itself as the hub of the river.

Time meandered along.  Ford Motor Comapny's assembly line workers built the  Model T and the ability to motor along rural pathways.  Accessing Montana's countryside became much easier.  Modern highways kept pace with the burgeoning demand for The Treasure State's hidden gems by replacing dirt and gravel with pavement.  A century later, the Great Northern Railway ceased traveling through the Missouri River Canyon.  Time kept chugging along.  Today, all roads take you to Craig, Montana.

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Robert Redford's epic film, A River Runs Through It, laid tracks of its own in 1992.  Author Norman Maclean's spirit lives wherever trout swim.  His passion for fly fishing wrote the next chapter in Craig Mercantile's legacy.  Now, anglers from around the world call the building located at 110 Bridge Street, Craig, Montana, The Trout Shop's Lodge.  

Lodge Features

  • ​Studio Apartment
  • 5 - Hotel Rooms
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Satellite TV
  • WiFi Internet
  • The River Hub Restaurant
  • Room Rates: $115 - $175
  • Check in at The Trout Shop
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