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May 6, 2011
Nuna Resources - Are they your friend in Bristol Bay?
Anglers at Large
Dear Hunting and Angling Supporters of Bristol Bay:
In February, we delivered a letter from over 360 hunting and angling organizations and businesses from all across the USA and a few foreign countries to the Environmental Protection Agency urging permanent protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska’s biggest wild salmon fishery and one of the planet’s truly premier sport fishing and hunting destinations. 
As a signer to that letter, some of you may have recently received a letter from Nuna Resources requesting that you remove your name from the letter.  While we certainly respect and welcome all perspectives on this issue, we feel obligated to share some additional information about Nuna Resources with you:
Nuna Resources is a newly-formedBristol Bay organization that legally represents only a few people from the Bristol Bay region. 
The Pebble Partnership, the very company that is trying to build the Pebble Mine, directly employs one of the five people on Nuna’s Board of Directors.
Nuna claims to represent local interests but they fail to mention that the region is nearly unanimous in its opposition to the Pebble Mine; a survey in 2009 showed that 80% of local residents are opposed to Pebble. Nearly every Native and commercial fishing organization in Bristol Bay has called on the Environmental Protection Agency to take a hard look at Pebble and to protect Bristol Bay's salmon fishery.  This includes the Bristol Bay Native Corporation (representing 8,000 shareholders), the Bristol Bay Native Association (representing 31 federally recognized tribes) the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (representing the entire drift net commercial fishing fleet - over 1,000 fishermen), dozens of sport fishing and hunting operators…the list goes on. 
In the past two weeks, Nuna Resources has contacted hundreds of concerned salmon consumers, jewelers, church leaders and sporting groups asking them to stay out of Bristol Bay.  We respect Nuna’s position but the fact is that you were invited to participate in this national effort precisely because local people have asked for - and need - your support.  Please see the following response from the Native community expressing their gratitude for your continued support of their cause and their response to Nuna's attacks.   
We encourage you to contact us anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions.  We are in this together.
Scott Hed
Director, Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska
office/mobile: 605.351.1646

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